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SYKO GMBH CO. KG. - Company Profile
 주 소  63533 Mainhausen Jahnstr. 2 Germany
 전화번호  +49(0)6182/9352- 0
 팩스번호  +49(0)6182/9352- 15
 회사소개   SYKO Expert in Power Electronics for mobile applications on land, water and in the air

SYKO Reinhard Kalfhaus was founded in Mainhausen, Germany in 1973 by the engineer Reinhard Kalfhaus. In December 2005 SYKO Reinhard Kalfhaus changed the companies legal form to SYKO Gesellschaft für Forschung und Entwicklung GmbH &Co.KG. SYKO today offers a comprehensive product range of superior-quality custom-tailored and standard components, including switching regulators, regenerators, DC/DC converters, AC/DC power supply units, DC/AC power inverters and AC/AC frequency inverters. SYKO's products are characterized by extremely wide input voltage and temperature ranges, excellent interference suppression, multiple outputs, and mechanical robustness. They are compliant with the relevant railway standards, such as EN 60950, EN 55022.B, EN 50155/121, EN 61000-4-4/5, RIA 12, IEC 1287 Level X, UIC 550 and the military standards VG and MIL for the mobile market segments.

DC-DC Converters, Regenerators, Field regulators up to 2000 Watt

Open-design DC-DC PCB modules for outputs of up to 3 W - 35W. 19" slide-in modules or chassis mounting up to 1500 W. Multiple outputs are functionally independent. Requirements of EN50155/121 and surge requirements of 1,8kV/5Ω are met, optionally including 10ms active hold-up-time. The patented regenerator topology allows to realize the field regulation of synchronous diesel-electric generators or High-Cap charging with constant current on constant voltage output.

AC-DC universal power supplies up to 1000 Watt

Universal power supply units operate on batteries from 24 V or 48 V up to 110 V or 220 V as well as on 110 V / 230 V with 16 2/3 Hz to 60 Hz AC power systems. This is realized with the input voltage range of 36 V DC - 264 V AC or 18 V DC - 264 V AC in one range. Disturbances as short and long time transients and interruptions up to 300 ms are controlled with the SYKO-developed switching topologies and active transient kill with an included inrush current limiting (patent).

High Voltage Power Supplies up to 1500 Watt UIC input voltage ranges from 680V / 16,3Hz to 2100V / 50Hz sine / trapezoidal / square wave and (950-5000)V DC or 600V / 750 V overhead cable up to 1,5kW. Isolation test voltages up to 14 kV and partial discharge voltages >6 kV are possible. Voltage and current cascading is used here also with the patented one-step power factor regulation. These units can run as start-up equipment or continuous power supply.

DC-AC Inverters up to 6,5 kVA / AC-AC frequency inverters up to 6kVA

Inverters with 1- or 3-phase output on 110 V battery, with (66-170)V constant sine wave output voltage are available with outputs up to 4.5 kVA. Frequency inverters with output power of 4kVA static and 6kVA dynamic run successful in rolling stock equipment. For both inverter families interfaces for commands and reporting errors are available.

In General

Shock, vibration, and temperature resistance –40…+85(105) °C, extreme interface parameters, EMC requirements, extremely wide input voltage ranges, output power up to 4,5 kW, output currents up to 150 A, and input voltages up to 5000V can be achieved pursuant to the customer's specifications and in accordance with relevant standards.

Whether for powering the electronics in driver's control panel displays, radar sensors, brake systems, radio installations or any high-performance equipment - SYKO delivers the highest quality and works in mobile fields on land, on water, and in the air. Based on standardized circuit topologies, SYKO can deal with customer-specific modifications and custom developments as easily as with standard technologies. In most cases, a fully functional serial prototype can be delivered within 6-10 weeks.
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