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Manufacturer information
1.Building and Construction
Building tools and equipment, security control, security and communications equipment, power systems, power and lighting, fire control and surveillance systems, sensors, HVAC, plumbing, sensors, converters, waste processing, etc

2.Manufacturing and Process Equipment
Abrasive device, cutting equipment, filter and breakers, gas regulator, manual or computerized tool, heating and cooling equipment, flow control equipment, industrial cleaning and surface treatment for the industry,Huiting, inspection equipment and machinery, industrial machine protection tools, equipment and spare parts, materials processing unit, pipes, tubes, pipes, plumbing, hoses, personal, process control, personal protective equipment,Safety sensor, a solid mulgagong and Safety equipment, the vacuum, handling, processing, welding equipment, freight movement, surface coating equipment etc.

3.Mechanical Components
Bearing, chains, belts and pulleys, chains, coupling, sprocket, rings and general-purpose ieumswae, fans, cooling, and industrial hardware tools, gears, weights and measures, industrial heaters for the industry,Fastener used for engineering and machine tools, power transmission device, springs and belt, seal, solenoids, control, spring, spring, and connector

4.Optical Components and Optics
Optics, laser, light source, optical connectivity, optical components etc.

5.Networking and Communication Equipment
Communication devices, networks, wireless communication etc

6.Motion and Controls
Bearing, brake, clutch, brakes, engine parts, engine, resolver, engines, the limit switch, linear enchu radiator, Rotary motion, location detection, mechanical and positionMovement control, motors, motor controls and drive, the operator interface, piezo device, power components, power, power transmission, shock, shock, vibration control,Spring, etc

7.Data Acquisition and Signal Conditioning
Data processing, data input signal converters and sensors, control and converter.

Analog signals, IC Circuit protection, audio and video communication, discrete parts, memory interface, memory, opto Electronic, memory devices, logic, memory chip mems device,Microprocessor program logic, timing, timing circuits etc.

9.Industrial Computers and Embedded Systems
Bus systems, computer peripherals products, information collection, desktop, mobile, RAID.

10.Industrial and Engineering Software
Financial accounting, business, business development and deployment, communications, content and knowledge management, data storage and management and training, engineering science, enterprise,Factory management, general business, image graphics, industrial control, quality, quality assurance and security, security, special, trekking and web software.

11.Lab Equipment and Scientific Instruments
Analysis equipment, the 3-D Rapidan, the 3-D filters, environmental water analysis equipment, analysis, laboratory equipment, laboratory safety and image, a water purification equipment, heat treatment, materials, materials analysis machine,Recorders, and spectrograph., experimental measurement equipment breakdown of data logger.

12.Sensors, Transducers and Detectors
Auditory equipment, the density, density and chemical equipment, measurement of gravity, electromagnetism, electromagnetic, environmental, resolver, environment and flow, pressure, gas, humidity, level, pressure, close, and the pressure,Rotary position, safety and security, tension, speed, torque, speed, speed, vibrations, acceleration, temperature, viscosity, climate and climate sensors.

13.Electrical and Electronic Components
Bar code, battery, circuit protection devices, data entry, electric electricity distributor, fastener, testing equipment, fans rojangbi, fans, fans, and Electric, the counter, taimeo, cooling,Industrial heating and heating parts, installation of lighting and lamps, power, Meta, amplify electrical device, manually, motors, amplifiers, power generation and supply, storage, power relay,Surge control, converters, etc

14.Materials, Chemicals and Adhesives
Abrasive, ceramics and glass material, raw materials, raw materials, textiles and industrial adhesives, industrial gas, industrial coatings and sealant, plastic, metal, alloy, plastic, industrial solution.

15.Material Handling and Packaging Equipment
Index device for printing machines, material handling equipment and packaging.

16.Flow Control and Fluid Transfer
Flow rate detection and control, pipes and tubes, hoses, pumps, valves and valve, viscosity detectors etc.

17.Fluid Power Components
Fluid mechanics, hydraulic equipment and components, compression equipment and parts, sealing, etc

18.Imaging and Video Equipment
Barcode devices, sensing images, video equipment, machine vision equipment, Meta, video, video cameras, etc.

19.Test and Measurement Equipment
Caliberration and three dimensions measuring, test equipment, interconnection, interconnection, environmental testing equipment, a tester, Meta, a, a non-destructive tester, Meta, recorders,Equipment, instrumentation, sensors, data logger, etc

20.Specialized Industrial Products
Agriculture, agricultural, biotechnology, broadcasting, food, play equipment, uniforms, education, clothing, education, environment, food and beverage and medical equipment, gas, oil, gas, mines and utilities, transportation, Wood processing products, etc



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